There is a very rich and inspiring history attached to the imposing fort built by Rao Raja Laxman Singhji of Sikar, in the year 1805. Before Lachhmangarh came into existence, this hilly region was known as ‘Ber’ a small non-descriptive village.

Folklore has it that once while returning from Fatehpur, Rao Raja Laxman Singhji was relaxing on the foothills of ‘Ber’ (where the fort stands today) when he saw an awe-inspiring scene. A wolf came from somewhere and attacked a newly born lamb. The wolf tried very hard to kill the lamb but the mother sheep put up a tough front and fought the wolf bravely compelling him to leave .   On seeing this incident, Rao Rajaji and his companions decided to build a fort at this site and considered the foothill to be a ‘Veer Bhoomi’ (Land of the Brave).

The construction of the fort commenced in 1805 and within a short span of two years, it was fully constructed. Since the completion of construction in 1807 the Fort remained under the rule of one state till India got freedom. The fort has also seen attackers from rulers of Khetdi, Fatehpur and Mandawa in the year 1882. These attacks took place under the leadership of Raja Bakhtawar Singh. At the time of the attack, his forces were camped two kilometres away from the fort. It is a different matter that the erstwhile rulers had thwarted the attacks with the help of Doongji Jawaharji.

The signs of the fierce gun battle attack on the fort can still be seen. It is said that the fort was equipped with three powerful cannons called Kadak, Bijli and Bhawani. These cannons were used to defeat the enemy forces. Till recent times, these canons were placed at the fort. Post independence they were taken away. The fort attracts the attention due to its grandeur. It is said that after the attacks of Fatehpur, Mandawa and Khetdi, the fort was further built to secure it from any further attacks and to provide security to the Paswan queens.

This fort never became the permanent residence of the rulers. However, some caretakers of the state were always stationed here, to look after the security and safety of the area. After independence, like other Rajput states, Rao Raja Kalyan Singh, the then ruler of Sikar too decided to merge with Indian union. Due to this reason, income from revenue stopped and they (former rulers) were only receiving pension which was very inadequate considering their lavish life style. Hence, they started selling their properties.

As a result, the fort of Lachhmangarh was up set up for sale in the year 1960 and it was sold to Mr. Ram Niwasji Jhunjhunwala’s family by Kalyan Singhji. Now, the Jhunjhunwala family is maintaining the fort, one can still see the stamp of feudal age on this fort.

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Laxmangarh Fort

The Lachhmangarh fort was purchased by Mr. Ram Niwasji Jhunjhunwala’s family. Since then the family has been responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the fort.The fort is a private property of the family and is not open for the public.

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