The fort is also known for the scared temples located inside it. While going inside the fort, one finds a side road, which leads to a temple. A few steps forward one enters a small cave like enclosure and inside lies the idol of Bhairavji. first glance it may deter a person from entering as the cave has a very slender opening. Interestingly, both a very bulky person or and very tall once can pass through it without any hassle.

After little climb from here, you reach the ramp which leads to the fort. At this point one can see the walls and minarets of the fort as well as the view of the town. Once inside the main entrance of the fort a few steps up and there is a temple of Balaji. A huge idol of Hanumanji is placed here. Newlyweds of this region visit both the temples located on the fort premises to pray for their happy married life.

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Laxmangarh Fort

The Lachhmangarh fort was purchased by Mr. Ram Niwasji Jhunjhunwala’s family. Since then the family has been responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the fort.The fort is a private property of the family and is not open for the public.

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